USB Flux Capacitor Car Charger

USB Flux Capacitor Car Charger
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What is this?! It lights up, it pulses and it charges two separate devices at the same hour! What is this amazing contraption? Doesn't it seem a little... out of it's time?! How did it end up here in our time?

Well Great Scott! This is a Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger from Think Geek and Doc Brown himself! This unique piece of technology is officially licensed Back to the Future merchandise and is ready to rock. Just plug it in to your personal version of the DeLorean and get ready to charge any electronic device that uses a USB. Think iPhones, iPads, smartphones and even your GPS. Just supply the necessary cable and hit the road! The first port charges a 1 x 1A and the second 1 x 2.1A for maximum versatility. Phone battery about to die while you're on the road? In the middle of getting directions? Forget about it, this ceases to become a problem.

Not only does it function with mostly everything, this baby can put on a show! It lights up in the ever famous Flux Capacitor style. Beaming a pattern of lights you know all too well into your car. Be prepared to feel more important than the person to your left. They're operating a hum-drum car and you're getting ready to blast off through time. Sometimes you just need a quiet drive though, so there is an option to turn the flux lighting off. Or if you need to lie low while you're driving and assess your surroundings. It's not a question of where you are, but when.

Can this contraption fit in your car? Of course it can! The car charger comes with an adjustable arm. Every time machine is different, but they're all created equal. Therefore it only makes sense that it molds and twists to the shape of your vehicle. The overall size is approximately 2.5" x 3". Roads? Where you're going you don't need to worry about roads jiggling the device out of place. The construction is solid and can withstand even the roughest terrain without losing it's position.

Making this thing work to it's full potential is as easy as plugging it into the cigarette lighter. In fact, that's actually all you need to do! Once it's in place you can begin your descent through the ages. Time travel is almost possible!

The USB Flux Capacitor Car Charger would make a great gift for someone if you can somehow avoid keeping it all to yourself. Back to the Future fans all over will rejoice at this new found hardware. Doc Brown has trusted the people with his precious cargo. If our calculations are correct this baby will spring to life once you hit 88 miles per hour! Wait... actually don't do that. The Doc cant afford to pay for everyone's speeding tickets. Maybe do the speed limit and play pretend instead. With all the gadgets and fun things you can bring with you, the future is looking bright.