Han Solo In Carbonite Rug

$49.99 on Amazon
Jabba the Hutt had to hire bounty hunters, at least one of which ended up dead after being shot in a canteen on Tatooine (and yes, Han Solo most definitely shot first), a trap had to be set up, a deal struck with the Empire and it all took ages before he got Han frozen in carbonite. Sure it looked great on his wall but at the end of all that trouble, Han just got unfrozen and Jabba was strangled and then blown up along with all this friends. So it might not have been worth the trouble.

But if you get this Han Solo in carbonite rug, you can have you own Han wall-hanging without all that bother. You could also get it framed if you want it to give it a bit of extra protection from the elements.

If for some reason you don’t want to take decorating tips from Jabba the Hutt, you could just put it on the floor.

The rug is made from 100% polyester (which means it should be easy to clean) and measures 32 x 72 inches. It’s a bit of an awkward shape for a rug, but you could use it to spice up your bedroom décor, create a fun Star Wars-themed welcome in your hall or even use it to decorate for a kid’s party (or an adult’s party. After all, the wonderful thing about Star Wars is that it appeals to people of all ages).

For the perfect Star Wars party, you could borrow a page out of Jabba’s book and hang it up below a wall light as a call back to the film and to give it that extra bit of authenticity, or you could even use it for capture the flag (the first team to successfully save Han, wins the game!).