Gorilla Whisk

Gorilla Whisk
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Send the riot squad!
Kong has escaped!
We've got to find a way
to cage that giant ape!

Let's get a shrink ray and a whisk
And catch that big canary.
When he's so small there's no way
he could be even half as scary.

The gorilla whisk has a whisk made from stainless steel. The handle is soft, comfortable, and made from silicone. The gorilla is also made from silicone. There is a loop at the bottom of the gorilla whisk to allow hanging.

A User Review For You: "I bought this item as an inside joke gift for my dear friend. We often talk about cooking and we call our husbands gorillas because they come home hungry and just devour food. I knew she had been wanting a new whisk for a few days, so, I bought her this gorilla whisk! She loves it and laughed so hard! She says its fun to see the gorilla hanging in the whisk, working away as she uses it. Fun item!"