Versatile Cup Holder

Versatile Cup Holder
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Tired of spilling drinks and staining furniture? Wanting to relax in the pool with a drink by your side? Wondering where you put the remote? Now, you can keep all of your things in one place, avoid stains, losing your remote and/or cell phone, and broken glass. And with the holidays not too far away, it is the perfect time to be thinking about getting yourself and some family members one of these versatile and roomy cup holders.

Not Your Mother's Cup Holder

This cup holder has retractable legs that you can pull out and “fit” right into the divisions of your couch, recliner or love seat. Besides holding your coffee mug, you can use the flip down stemware holder for your wine glass. You can store eyeglasses, your TV, DVD or gas stove remote, even your cell phone. When you're not storing drinks, you can use the open slots on the side to fit notebooks or the TV schedule. When you see the choice of colors: Beach Sand, Coffee, Hot Sauce, Key Lime, Cobalt, and Woodland Camouflage, you just know you can find one, maybe two or three that will work in your home. This cup holder can fit so many different types of cups you will be amazed. And because it’s portable, you can use it anywhere—from the living room to the bedroom, to the pool, in the car, to the campsite. The possibilities are endless.

Tired of your cat knocking over drinks in the bedroom? Retract the legs on the cup holder and rest it right on your bed. The holders adjust to the size of your glass or mug, so the drinks will stay put. You will also have room for a remote and the TV Guide. When you are at the beach or camping, you can use the retractable legs like "stakes" and secure the holder by fitting it right into to the ground. How’s that for innovative? Some folks use the cup holders to store sunblock and cold beverages on the beach to keep sand away from their items. And while swimming, with a small adjustment of a flotation device, like a noodle, the cup holder can float right beside you, without tipping or spilling, keeping your drinks cold and close.

Taking a few kids to the soccer game? Use the cup holder in the car as a portable carrier for cold drinks. The retractable legs increase its portability. But when in use, the legs are sturdy enough to face even the toughest of toddlers. The cup holder stores baby bottles and sippy cups, even snack cups.

Size and Strength

Did we mention how much room the cup holders have? Not only are they practical, sturdy and attractive, but these cup holders have room enough to store your coffee mug, cell phone, remote, pint glass and wine glass, all at the same time. The cup holders are made of polypropylene, a rugged plastic that repels liquid and stains. If we didn't know better, NASA might be calling to buy a few of these!