Mini Harmonica Necklace

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The harmonica was invented in 1821 by sixteen-year-old Christian Buschmann. He continued to work on the design and in 1826 he invented a larger harmonica than the prototype. In 1857 a German company picked up the design perfected it. For nearly 200 years folks all over the world have continued to make music with Buschmann's remarkable invention. The Hohner mini harmonica necklace is a novel and super-fun gift idea for several kinds of people. This necklace would be happily received by people who:

-love to play music
-love to hear music
-love gifts that are conversation pieces

People Who Play Music

This tiny instrument is not a toy. The harmonica has a tonal range of one full octave. Musically talented people are known to be able to play more than one instrument. Friends who play the piano or harp, guitar or accordion will have fun with a gadget that really works. Imagine the fun of surprising people in quiet elevators or standing in lines at the department of motor vehicles. Who wouldn't smile at the sudden sound of music?

People Who Love to Hear Music

Why not purchase several of these little music makers, one for each family member? Turn the regular night into a family fun night by challenging each other in a round or two of name that tune.

People Who Love Gifts that are Conversation Pieces

If you asked your friends, chances are most of them have memories of a family member who played the harmonica. Stories can be told of grandfathers around evening campfires playing "When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again" or perhaps dads gathered with children around a Christmas trees, playing holiday tunes. The gift of this mini, playable harmonica necklace links the present generation to past generations of good music and good times.

Anyone receiving this neat gift will be pleased with the beaded necklace and the included instruction to a song to learn.