8Bit Yoshi Decal

8Bit Yoshi Decal
$4.99 on Amazon
It's always fun to stand apart from the crowd. It's just that... sometimes it's difficult. Nowadays with modern technology, everyone wants the latest item. Whether it's the newest model of a cell phone, or the fastest computer out there. Everyone's phones, tablets, and laptops start looking the same. But, there is a way to set yourself apart from the crowd, and a way to make a fun statement about yourself. Use a decal!

More importantly, use the Retro 8-Bit Yoshi Decal from Yoshi's Island. Yoshi is not only adorable in this sticker, but he's silly too! This decal is sure to bring anyone up to you as a conversation starter. Everyone will be asking you about your sticker, especially those that are fans of this cute little video game character.

Yoshi is super popular in the world of video games, and many people will probably tell you that he's their favorite character! If he's' yours too, then you can rep him almost anywhere! Stick him on a MacBook. That way Yoshi will look like he's sticking his tongue out to catch the apple! Fans of the video game will understand this reference. Everyone else will think it's cute.

Yoshi is the perfect size. He can fit right on your mobile device. It doesn't matter if you have the iPhone 5S or the Samsung Galaxy S3 S4, a Nexus, an HTC One, a Nokia a Lumia, or a Blackberry! Stick him right on the back of your phone, or on the back of your phone case. This way when you are talking, Yoshi will be looking out at the rest of the world! Many other people would be able to get an eyeful of this cute little sticker.

The best thing about this sticker is that it is made to last. It won't peel off or fray away like the other stickers you've used. Once you place him onto your desired surface, he's sure to stay put for a little while. You will be getting the most use out of your money with this sticker!

Don't let your Yoshi sticker be confined to just your technology. Order a bunch so that you can stick him other places! Yoshi is a video game character so what better way to honor him then by placing him on the machine he came from. Put him on one of your video games! Otherwise there really is no limit. You can stick Yoshi to walls. You could even use Yoshi to spice up your school supplies! Stick him on a folder or a notebook.

Overall the Yoshi decal is a good product. This is because it's cute, it's made to last, it's durable, and it will make you one of the coolest kids around! The decal has a very solid rating on Amazon (4 out of 5 stars) with 4 people giving the Yoshi decal a 5 and 1 person giving it a 1 (it looks like that person bought a very expensive version of the decal). So, as long as you buy the cheaper version, you should be all good to go :)