Marshmallow Shooting Bow

Marshmallow Shooting Bow
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We like to eat it, melt it, and roast it over fire. So invariably we love to shoot it across the lawn, right? For all of you marshmallow lovers far and wide, the Marshmallow Shooting Bow is a new crazy fun toy that brings marshmallows to life. This shooting bow is safe, promotes an active lifestyle, and is great for the young and old. It makes a fabulous addition to any birthday party, celebration, or family gathering.

A marshmallow fight is like the distant cousin of the infamous pillow fight. It's fun, everyone enjoys it, and it is difficult to get hurt while playing. The Marshmallow shooting bow is a "weapon" that performs best with marshmallows as it's ammo.

If you are looking to get your family active and having some serious fun, the Marshmallow shooting bow is the way to go. With it's easy assembly, you do not have to waste time preparing for the marshmallow war of a lifetime.

Although the Marshmallow Shooting Bow is not recommended for children under the age of 3, this toy is excellent for ages 4 and beyond. No matter what type of gathering or event you have, there is room for this outrageous candy launching machine.

The Marshmallow Shooting Bow is sure to steal the show at any event, party, or lazy Sunday afternoon at home. This universal toy appeals to everyone due to its ability to make your marshmallows fly like you have never seen them before. The shooting bow is all inclusive, won't harm a fly, and will keep your friends and family raving about it for years to come!

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