Custom Pet Paintings

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Looking for a way to decorate your home with a personal touch? Or perhaps, is your pet looking for some extra attention and admiration? Luckily for both pet owners and fuzzy friends, there is a way to meet both the expectations mentioned above.

Custom pet paintings are the new selfie. These unique and fun pieces of artwork are an immediate attention grabber and are sure to spark conversation. Even better, they make a pet feel truly at home. No painting goes unnoticed, as each personal pet masterpiece quickly becomes a home's most complimented work of art.

The process is rather easy, simply take a photo (or have your pet take a selfie-whichever is easier) and upload it to the service provider's website. Then, imagine and create the funky setting or theme that you wish for your pet to be painted in (yes, having your pets painted as Lady Gaga's backup dancer is a possibility).

Once you have designed and envisioned your idea of a perfect portrait, communicate with the artist and let the fun begin. It is undeniable that both the pet and its owner will be anxious to receive their new art work. Patience is key, as the artist wants to truly perfect painting. Believe that the wait is well worth it and that 8 weeks will fly by quickly.

These paintings also make great gifts, just remember to plan accordingly. Friends love surprise paintings of their cat dressed up as their favorite rock star. Best of all, you can order this type of painting from the comfort of your own home. Even if you are certain you have enough artwork to fill a gallery, it is always fun to look online at the ideas other people have ordered for their pet (who knew a cat would look so good as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz?) Personalized portraits are just another way to prove that a picture is worth a thousand words.