007 Goldeneye Watch

$19.99 on Amazon
A video game based off the James Bond film, Goldeneye, came out in 1997 for Nintendo 64 that featured a cool watch that was worn by James Bond. Now, his watch can be yours for the easily affordable price of only $19.99!

This Goldeneye replica watch makes a great collectible for any James Bond fan and you'll certainly look cool and stylish wearing it. However, this watch is not just a toy or collectible item as it is a fully functioning watch that you can actually use! Just like 007 did in Goldeneye, you can actually use this watch to keep time!

It has all the markings of the watch he wore, with the center screen, the blue markings on the right and red markings on the left with the color shading just as it was on his watch. It also has the four silver dots on each side and the two silver bars at the top and the single silver bar at the bottom that appeared on 007's watch.

The watch strap is also just like his too. It's no Rolex, but it will get the job done for keeping time and it certainly looks cool and stylish to wear! If you are a collector of James Bond accessories, this is a great addition to your collection. Also, with the Spring holidays right around the corner this would make a great gift if you know someone who is a fan of James Bond.

The supplier of the watch is a company called Phedders. Phedders has solid reviews averaging 4.4 out of 5 stars based off of 8 ratings on Amazon. Shipping is relatively inexpensive at $4.49 and can be expedited. It's shipped from Illinois, so those closest to Illinois would likely receive the watch the soonest.