Inflatable Backseat Car Bed

Inflatable Backseat Car Bed
$139.09 on Amazon
Sleepy, sleepy, rock-a-bye
on a car trip in the night.
Time to find a place to stop
and lay my head and sleep tight.

Any car becomes a bed
upon to rest your weary head
with this soft and blow-up mattress pad
removing all car-sleeping dread.

This product has captured my imagination. It seems like a brilliant idea. One side of this blow-up contraption has two legs designed to go where feet normally go in the backseat. The other side is flat, designed to lay nicely where the backseats are.

At first, I imagined children sleeping nicely on this mattress during a long road trip. Then, I remembered that seat belts are important. Then, my twisted mind imagined the car getting into a big old accident. Not pretty. Dead children make me sad. You shouldn't use this thing while driving.

Even though I wrote that warning paragraph, someone will still let their children sleep on it during a road trip. My hands are clean of that accident waiting to happen. Wow, this product write-up is kind of a downer. Sorry, everyone!

This product is pretty sweet! You will probably not die using it if you aren't driving! You may however die from normal human dying reasons, but that's not this products fault.

The inflatable backseat car bed is made out of PVC plastics. It's a durable material that will last for normal wear and tear. It may even last for jumping on the mattress, but, don't quote me on that. I know, however, that this plastic material will not stand up to sharp pokey objects. Even keys could puncture the mattress. Keep them away.

Included with this yellow inflatable backseat mattress is a pump. I have no idea whatsoever what kind of pump it is, but that Amazon seller is including a pump. I hope it's not a hand pump. I doubt that it is.

Fake User Reviews For You:

"We recently had Decuplets! If you don't know what that means, let me tell you. 10 babies at once! To say that we were shocked is the understatement of this millennium. We didn't want to buy a huge old van so we searched around for something to expand our backseat. When we saw this backseat inflatable car mattress, we knew it was perfect. So far, so good. All 10 of the kids just roll around on the mattress while we drive around. It's great. They love it. We love it. Happy parents!"

"My son has always wanted a bouncy house for his birthday. It didn't seem practical to rent one for a few hours. Instead, I bought this! It has transformed my car into the perfect backseat bouncy house!"