Incredible Hulk Sleeping Bag

Incredible Hulk Sleeping Bag
$141.83 on Amazon
We've got good news for all you Marvel fans out there! You can easily transform into the biggest, meanest, and greenest scientific accident imaginable simply by slipping into a sleeping bag! Imagine the fun that can be had when you can show the world your bulging muscles and take a comfortable nap at the same time! There is much fun and excitement to be had when you morph into the Incredible Hulk! The Marvel Incredible Hulk Selk’bag will fit you or the Hulk loving fan in your life no matter if the wearer is 4’6” or 6’4” (available in S, M, and L). Disturbing or Delightful? That depends on if you’re under ten or over 20, but we won’t judge; please just don’t get angry, as we wouldn't like you when you’re angry.

This amazing green suit is made from the incredible invention known as polyester and appears all shiny-like while depicting a torso full of boulder-like musculature from both the front and the back views. Plus, your strength and form will be fully complemented by the perfect pair of purple cut-off pants which are artistically rendered as part of the design. Plus, whether you are out storming around the town feeling as the fierce Hulk or at home all snuggly-like and as peaceful as David Banner after some chamomile tea, you can rest assured that the soft polyester shell with a durable water resistant finish will keep you dry.

Wear this around the house or neighborhood for a rousing good time of playing make-believe, or take it camping with you! Complete with an insulated hood to protect you from the elements, this suit can be worn in spring or summer, as it has a 45 degree temperature rating. It also includes a thermal collar around the neck area also prevents cold drafts from rushing down your back, and draft tubes around zippers to prevent heat from being lost. Plus, the award-winning Selk’bag design has removable nylon booties; this feature allows you to keep on your shoes or to finish off the costume and show the world your superhero likeness, as the soles are made for outdoor use.

There are some other superhero worthy features as well. You can be sure that your transformation into the large green guy is quick and uncomplicated because this bag includes no hassle hand openings, which allow for ease of access and exit. Velcro pullbacks are also included on each arm so that you can roll up your sleeves and really start lifting and tossing through the air and out of your way all of the pesky things that make you mad in the night, like decorative pillows and other blankets. Plus, dual front-entry zippers allow for a quick costume change, and to keep anger inducing snags from getting on your nerves, this bag is equipped with wide zipper tape. Finally, on top of all of these heroic attributes, there is one more thing that makes this suit/costume/sleeping bag even better; it comes with a one-year warranty. Your friends and family will surely turn green with envy when you wear this ultimate outfit, and all will be sure to marvel.