Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker
$39.99 on Amazon
Do you like waffles? I like waffles. Who doesn't like waffles? I mean really what's not to love? They're delicious. Plus you can jazz them up a million different ways so there is something for everybody. Just toss something like chocolate chips or blueberries in the batter. The tasty possibilities are endless....

So I ask myself what could be more awesome than a homemade waffle for breakfast? How about a Mickey Mouse shaped waffle!?!? You heard me right people, a Mickey Mouse shaped waffle popped straight out of your very own Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker!

This product is so sweet not only does it make the great shaped Mickey Mouse waffles but it's super high quality and it shows. Brushed stainless steel on the outside and nonstick baking plates on the inside so clean up is a breeze because honestly people, who likes spending time cleaning up after cooking???

So if that's not cute enough it also has a a Mickey Mouse shaped indicator light so you know when your waffle is ready to be devoured. Could this thing be anymore adorable? I think not! So I'm already thinking about how this thing will make any picky eater of a child actually eat with glee! I've seen these posts about how a waffle maker can be used for other stuff so I've got pictures of Mickey Mouse shaped scrambled eggs, hash browns and brownies dancing in my brain just waiting to be made on this ridiculously cool gadget.