8bit Flower Bouquet

8bit Flower Bouquet
$12.00 on Amazon
You might be a Geek if you just received an 8-bit Flower Bouquet. But look on the brighter side; these posies will never need water and they come with there own vase.

The unique gift of an 8-bit Flower Bouquet costs the same as a live bouquet but lasts forever. These colorful, pixelated flowers are made of foam, 3-D construction, and stand 13” high. They are sold with a stand but most reviews state it is better to hang this pretty bouquet.

Who would want to receive this unusual gift? The recipient of this great novelty item is probably a vintage video game fan. It made the Mothers Day gift list for retro gamer moms. These Posies were given on Valentine’s Day as the bouquet that never wilts. One husband received a lot of brownie points for giving this bouquet to his wife who is allergic to live flowers.

This is not a typical bouquet of daisies. These projectile flowers represent magical power. They first appear in the Nintendo Entertainment system game Super Mario Bros., in the 80’s.

The Fire Flower is a red, yellow, and white flower with eyes. This flower was a power-up item in the game. When Mario had one of these beauties he could throw out magic fireballs from his hands and defeat a lot of bad guys during the game. The Super Flower was the carrier for the Superball which Mario used to defeat his enemies and collect coins. The Ice Flower changes Mario into Ice Mario and enables him to shoot balls of ice and freeze the bad guys into a block of ice. And of course there was a princess and a rescue involved.

Retro gamers, players of the past, keep pressing the right buttons of giving and open the magical levels of the future.