Adventure Time BMO Shirt

Adventure Time BMO Shirt
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BMO also spelled Beemo, from the series Adventure Time is aquamarine green on big screens and when it is worn by others. A T-shirt with an animated character as the logo will put a smile on someone's face or bring them the attention they are seeking.

Everyone will know the shirts owner is a fan of one of the most popular animated television characters. Even though the shirt itself is green there is a variation of colors on the front and back side that compliment every feature of the character.

On the front of this shirt lies the large, but happy square face of BMO. The controls and slots to this animated game console are also colorfully printed on the front of the shirt in colors of yellow, red, along with shades of greens and blues.

The back of the shirt is far from being a plain aquamarine green tee. There are dark green cool air circulation vents so that the BMO wearer does not overheat and crash. Underneath the vent lies the back of Beemo's head with no loose screws, and a perfectly shaped square head using a computer monitor base as the neck.

Those who watch Adventure Time understand the significance of having this particular character as a friend. This characters best friends Finn and Jake use him for almost everything including a game console, outlet, toaster, strobe light, and so much more. Most of all, inside of Beemo's body lies a golden heart, golden medal, and a scroll tied with red ribbon. Meaning the person who wears this shirt has love, courage, and intelligence inside them just like the animated character.

Unlike other shirts this particular one is 100% cotton to keep wearers cool during hot summer days. The sleeves are short, and there is a variation of sizes.

Looking for a fun way to show your love of Adventure Time? This shirt featuring Adventure Time's BMO is sure to be a hit! It has great designs on the front and the back.