Elemental LuNCH Bag

Elemental LuNCH Bag
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DISCLAIMER: Elemental LuNCH Bag does NOT contain Elementals! Sad to say that we have to make such a disclaimer in this day and age, but there you go. It would be nice to have a pocket Fire Elemental to heat up that frozen slab of deliciousness but we have other ways since the invention of science. Just use a little Nuclear Fission. No one will notice.

However, this bag CAN contain all of your lunch-y essentials in a stylish yet geeky design comprised of the periodic symbols for Lutetium, Nitrogen, Carbon, and Hydrogen. Exterior color is lab coat white with symbols printed in standard black ink. Interior is reflective silver food safe PEVA and there is a small mesh pocket on the back interior wall of the bag to hold cutlery, napkins, packets of Sodium Chloride and pepper or perhaps even that staple condiment of ketchup. Padded and insulated to keep your food at a reasonable temperature until you arrive at your destination. Not to be used for transporting organs although if you have some livers made into a nice braunsweiger or pate` that might be acceptable.

Measuring a rectangular 9 1/2" wide X 6" deep X 7 1/2" tall this Elemental LuNCH Bag will make you the envy of your office, school or laboratory. That guy that works two labs over who also happens to share the same refrigerator space with your lab will never again mistake your lunch for his. Yours is contained in this ultra-modern vessel of laboratory haute couture while he still probably uses just a paper sack. If he brings lunch. No one is ever really sure what he does, just that sometimes lunches go missing when he's around...

The handles are securely double stitched to the top of the case and also padded for your lunch carrying comfort. The entire bag is hand washable just in case there is an industrial accident of the food based variety. Please, air dry. Trust us on this one. The case also has a poly zipper that fastens to secure your valuable lunch from prying eyes or even perhaps to keep your newly discovered mayonnaise-based life-form properly segregated from polite company. You certainly don't want to unleash a sentient egg salad on the general public. Or even a pasta salad that may attempt to proselytize on behalf of its savior. By all means, utilize the included and securely sewn zipper to keep the contents of this chic and geeky lunch container properly subdued until the appointed mid-day hour of gastronomic delights.

Classic detailing and a clever pun makes this a new favorite for your esteemed scientist schlepping food around town. Also doubles as a handy conversation starter in awkward situations. Large enough to tote a substantial quantity of food-like substances or a handy place to hide your actual supply of elements delineated on the outside of the bag. It's best to keep them guessing. You certainly never know when you're going to need to crack open some hydrocarbons rather than a cold drink!