Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

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Everyone loves ice cream sandwiches, but if you buy them at the store, you are stuck choosing from just a few cookie and ice cream combinations. Those are someone else’s idea of delicious! With the Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Maker, you will never have to settle for boring, old chocolate and vanilla again. Not only does this innovative product make your ice-creamy dreams come true, but it is versatile, and easy enough for a child to use.

With this set of three easy to use presses, you can cut, scoop, and press your own ice cream sandwiches in just minutes. No need to visit the sweet shop. Now you can create custom treats, using ingredients found in your neighborhood grocery store. If dietary restrictions, or allergies are a concern, you can even opt for healthier frozen yogurt, or non-dairy options. Make up your own flavor combinations, or try the ones you will find in the included directions and recipe booklet. Delicious frozen desserts are just the beginning.

Imagine how delighted guests will be when you serve up party trays filled with fun shaped meats and cheeses. Make the kids’ day by surprising them with miniature heart, star, or circle shaped sandwiches in their lunch boxes. All parents know kids love choices. When you let your picky eaters choose which shapes to cut soft fruits and veggies into, they get excited about eating healthy snacks.

Since there are no sharp edges, you can even let the kids help with clean-up. When you’re done creating culinary masterpieces, just rinse the BPA-free plastic presses, and wash them on the top rack of your dishwasher. What could be more simple?

From frozen treats, to lunch box staples, and festive fruits and snacks, with the Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Maker, the fun is nearly limitless!