Wireless Speaker Shower Head

Wireless Speaker Shower Head
$225.00 on Amazon
Our technology has become so advanced that we now have singing shower heads. Just like we never thought we could watch TV in the car while driving, we can now listen to music while we shower or bathe. Now the bathroom and locker room lines will really be long since everyone just wants to get wet while hearing the Star Spangled Banner or even Ring Around The Rosie.

Now we know the Rubber Duckie song of the 1950s and 1960s was not just a pipe dream but we now have the opportunity to hear music in the shower. The new shower heads have speakers and there is music available. They are also able to be recharged while not in use. There is also water saving feature included in this brand.

These shower heads are available in online shopping and they are not pricey at all. The Moxie speakers are also synced with smartphones, PCs, laptops, blue tooth devices up to a certain distance away. Therefore, we can now have conference calls while we shower, conduct business deals, and play Runescape. The point being here is that game addiction is now being taken to a new level. Or one can watch a movie or a nice YouTube channel.

Why don't we now imagine all the Facebook and Twitter posts saying "I am in the shower now playing World Of Warcraft doing a boss fight." Then several miles away, another friend responds and comments what is your level now. This is all splendor in the shower now since so much is being accomplished instead of a mundane task.

Then Ebay sales should go up since the original bidders can now watch the prices while in the shower. Gone are the days when the timer had to be set because the auction was about to end.

This is where the real meaning of singing in the rain takes place. We can have fun with this new bath/shower piece.