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Warplane Ceiling Fan

Warplane Ceiling Fan
$261.00 on Amazon
Cool your room right down
with the speed of fighter planes,
and show those other dogfighters
to keep clear from your domain.

This stylish ceiling fan
will keep your bedroom nice and breezy.
A famous fighter plane,
you know you can be resting easy.

Have you ever flown a warplane? I haven't. Have you ever wanted to fly a warplane? I haven't. I am scared of small planes. I used to be scared of big planes. Are you scared of fans? I am not. If you are, you won't want a warplane ceiling fan.

I can see why people have a phobia of fans. Imagine those blades ferociously circling above your head while you lay on a bed below. Like shark circling their prey, the ceiling blades circle above. Ready to fall and attack at any time. They may be waiting for an earthquake to free them from their connection to the ceiling.

When they do fall, you will sure to be there. You will take the pain as the blades chop you. Uh, yeah, that isn't cool. No. The ceiling fan will not attack you. Unless... you don't install it properly. So, install it properly. Enjoy the breeze of the ceiling fan. Take in the splendor of the cool looking war plane fan. Face your fears, if you have them.

A User Review For You: "I'm married to a commercial airline pilot. I purchased a warplane ceiling fan for him and put it into his office. All who enter love the piece. It looks awesome! We are all pleased with how little noise it creates. There is almost no noise created at all. Very very quiet. It also doesn't move one bit. The fan can be on the highest setting and it just sits in place. My favorite part is that the nose is where the light bulb goes. Very very awesome engineering. I strongly urge you to buy this if you have the money. Do it, you will not regret it!"