Nintendo Controller Pool Float

Nintendo Controller Pool Float
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I don't know about you, but any time I get pool side I wonder how I can express my true gamer nature while remaining as inactive as possible. Let's face facts, we (the gamers) are not known for our physical prowess or a love for the outdoors, so it is best to find a symbol to show who we are to those around us. A beacon of hope and understanding to all of the other gamers squinting in the bright light of the "outside" world. In homage to that sense of aquatic laziness and physical ineptitude, unmistakably combined with true Nintendo fandom, comes the Nintendo Controller Pool Float.

Any self respecting gamer child of the 80's will fondly remember the times spent grasping one of these controllers in our hands as we directed our electronic destiny. Whether your were a Tetris fiend , classic Castlevania aficionado or a Donkey Kong debutante, we all sacrificed a bit of digital discomfort (carpel tunnel, anyone?) to this game changer of gaming consoles. Wreaking havoc, saving princesses and racing to the finish line, we relish these parts of childhood and enjoy any excuse to relive them. This pool float will spark many a conversation with your gamer cohorts, giving everyone a reason to rehash their glory days with like-minded people everywhere.

The non-ergonomic rectangular shape translate well into the pool float arena. All of the classic buttons of that simpler gaming time are represented in the graphic, from A to B and Start to Select. Though it doesn't explicitly scream Nintendo on the face of it, the telltale black, red and greige color scheme is unmistakable to all gamers who appreciate the humbler beginnings of console gaming.

This is a true piece of floating nostalgia, presenting your love of the digital era in an unexpected way. Made of a reasonable quality of heavy vinyl, it will hold air as well as any other similarly designed pool float. For the ultra cautious among us, it also comes with its own patch kit should this retro symbol of water toy glory spring a small leak.

Measuring approximately 5 feet long and 36 inches wide, it will generally support the majority of the body of an adult with some level of comfort. It isn't large enough to keep you entirely dry unless you have maintained the child-like physical proportions from when you used the controller upon which this product is based or you at least intend to maintain the fetal position for entirety of your floating adventure.

If you are not fearful of any water-based physical pursuits don't let your quest be limited to the pool, as this will float in other bodies of water just as well. Enjoy relaxing on the lake, ocean or river with the Nintendo Controller Pool Float. Just bare in mind this is not an overly sea worthy vessel and is not designed for heavy rapids. In fact, it likely will pitch you into the water with the slightest current or wave. Enjoy!