Glow In The Dark Sand

Glow In The Dark Sand
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Though glowing sculptures made of sand
are science that may drive you mad,
be sure to note these specimens
contain high fun levels to be had.

In this mix of glowy grit
a darker secret hides.
It's your duty to discover
what mystery resides!

I am drawn to anything that glows in the dark. Without the glowing feature, this would just be an average product: multi-colored sand. BUT, with the glow in the dark feature, this product is pretty cool.

Most kids will be excited to play with sand that glows in the dark. This has four different glowing colors. Anything that helps a child build, create, and imagine is good in my opinion.

This world has too much electronics. Video games. Televisions. iPads. iPods. There is something about creating something in your mind and then using your hands to build what you were imagining.

A User Review For You: "I have three children. Two step and one full chiild. A nice neighbor thought my children would like this glow-in-the-dark sand and gave us two boxes.

I surprised them one night with this stuff. From the first moment of mixing the sand, it was obvious that they were going to love playing in the glowing sand. Even though the lights on the house were on, at first, we could tell the sand was glowing brightly. It really is vivid and bright.

Each boy filled up a plastic container with varying levels of varying colors of sand. There was extra sand left over. We let them just go wild with the extra sand. They threw it on the floor. The floor became a beautiful vibrant glowing piece. They played for hours and hours. Awesome! A+"