Lightsaber Toothbrush

Lightsaber Toothbrush
$6.12 on Amazon
Use the force of this lightsaber brush
to blast off germs and plaque.
Your mouth's enemies cannot withstand
a lightsaber attack!

The power you may hold
will make mouth germs run off and hide.
Never will your mouth and teeth
be joining the dark side!

This thing is sweet Star Wars nectar dropped from the glorious skies above! I want one so bad. The price tag isn't very high which is good for me because I am so poor. I am seriously thinking about buying one for my three year old son who is obssesed with all things Star Wars.

The lightsaber lights up for a full one minute. You tell your kid to brush while the lightsaber is lit. It's genius. There are three colors available. The blue one is for Anakin, the red one is for Darth Vader, and the green one is for Yoda! Perfect!

5 Star Reviews For You:

"So, I have the coolest dad ever. When we saw these bad boys, we both couldn't resist. He bought me the green one. He took the blue one. We were giddy that they light up and flash. So cool to brush while the saber is flashing in your mouth. It actually makes brushing kind of fun. I am in my tweenties and I loved it. I know they are more for kids, but, they are fun for adults too! If you know of any Star Wars fans that are in need of a new tooth brush, these are perfect."

"Went gift shopping for my son's friend. It's his four year old birthday party and I wanted to get a cool gift. When I saw this toothbrush, I knew I had to get it. My son was jealous but excited to see the reaction on his friend's face when he opened up the lightsaber toothbrush. I'm sure this will help the boy brush his teeth more, better, and longer!"

"My son is obsessed with his new toothbrush. It really is pretty cool. I love the flashing light feature. It's not the cheapest tootbrush available but it really is neat and my son really does brush his teeth more. I'm happy and he is happy. I have had to tell him to not play with it as a toy though. He only gets to use it when he is brushing his teeth."

"Desperate to get my boy to brush more, I ordered this as a surprise gift. It worked. He now brushes his teeth. No more fighting. I love it and I love that he actually brushes now. Lifesaver."