Pop Up Socket With USB

Pop Up Socket With USB
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This space-age gadget is designed to be used for board rooms, stages, public desks, ceilings, or anywhere else that you might conceivably want a pop-up electrical and light socket with USB connections. If you've got a 9 centimeter wide hole somewhere, you can hide this socket, which telescopes outward at the press of a button.

How It Works

On the hidden side of a surface, you'll need to attach power and/or internet data cables to the pop-up socket. The socket requires a hole 9 centimeters wide, but lies flat when not in use. The visible end of the device is a socket for a light bulb.

Once the button is pressed, the socket telescopes outward, revealing both three electrical outlets as well as two USB connections. Simply plug in your electrical devices and USB cables, and you'll all set to go!


The pop-up socket is designed to handle both American 110 Hz and global 220 Hz electric power. The total length of the socket is 35.5 centimeters, but only 1.5 centimeters of the light socket is visible when collapsed. At the press of a button, the scope telescopes upwards, revealing three electric sockets and two USB connectors at the tip.

Some of the benefits of a pop-up socket:

  • Is designed to be hidden when not in use
  • Requires only a small 9-centimeter diameter hole for installation
  • Works with both 110 and 220 Hz electrical power
  • Brings electrical and internet connectivity to any surface
  • The black plastic and brushed aluminum design adds an aesthetic appeal to any boardroom table, public desk, or ceiling.
  • Keeps live plug sockets away from children when not in use
Pros and Cons


  • Keeps ugly sockets and internet cables out of sight when not in use
  • Economizes space
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Adds versatility and connectivity to public desks, boardrooms, stages, school rooms, and entertainment centers
  • Weighs just 1.57 pounds

  • Lengthy socket design requires 35.5 cm of space underneath where it is mounted
  • USB connectors have limited functionality
What Customers Are Saying

"It took a while for my husband to get this thing installed right, but once he did, it was completely worth it. Now all those ugly cables are out of sight on our beautiful entertainment center. Love the product!"
-Wanda Robinson, Princeton, KY

"Every time we had a meeting in our conference room, people were always scrambling around for a place to plug in their laptops. Thankfully, my secretary found the pop-in socket, which now wows clients every time I press the button and it telescopes up out of our big table. Definitely a useful invention."
-Harold Hill, Carlsbad, CA

"I'm a chemistry teacher, and the school where I teach was built a long time ago, so there's only two sockets in my classroom. But with the pop-up socket installed, now I have a great place to plug in my stuff, and when I'm done it neatly slides out of sight. Oh, and the kids love it!"
-Joel Weems, Polk City, FL