Soda Can Handle

Soda Can Handle
$11.56 on Amazon
So chilly is your fizzy drink,
so slippery is the can.
These handles save the fates
of your cool drink and your warm hands.

To complete the thirsty picture,
these snappy clips are what is best.
A more comfy experience for you
and for your guests!

This is a set of four soda can handles. Included are four colors: red, blue, black, and pink. These are engineered to clip on a normal 12 ounce pop can. They are surprisingly secure once snapped on to a soda can. They are made of plastic.

A User Review For You: "To be completely honest, I bought these as a gag joke. I thought they looked kind of dorky. WRONG! I love them. You'll be amazed at how awesome they are. You'll think to yourself, 'self, you have been drinking soda the wrong way.' Seriously, these are semi-life altering devices."