Combination Image Lock

Combination Image Lock
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Combination locks are, quite frankly, a pain to deal with. Not only do you have to hit exactly the right numbers with each turn of the dial or risk not being able to open the lock, you also have to remember that three-digit combination--and the truth is, for many people, that's harder than it sounds. This Combination Image Lock, on the other hand, makes at least one part of the process much simpler: though the innards of the lock work like a typical combination lock, the external dial has pictures instead of numbers. It's much easier for children and adults alike to remember, especially if they've had problems opening combination locks in the past.

Perfect for Kids with ADD or Memory Problems

Does your child fly through the day, cheerfully and energetically attacking the world around her, right up until the time comes to open the lock on her locker? Many middle schools require combination locks on every locker. Worse, they may require a second lock--with a different combination--for use in the gym. For a child who struggles to remember simple numeric combinations, that necessity can be a nightmare! Thanks to these Combination Image Locks, however, your child can have their lock without having to remember a random series of numbers.

Use One for Your Gym Locker

You gave up combination locks in high school--because in your household, it's not your child who has trouble remembering numeric combinations. Every phone number you could ever possibly need is programmed into your phone. If you want to remember the combination to a lock, it has to be written down somewhere--and that doesn't help you if you're at the gym and want to place your phone in the locker. Thankfully, the Combination Image Lock is perfect for you, too. It will make it easier for you to remember that vital combination, freeing up your hands so you don't have to take your phone or a set of keys with you while you're at the gym.

Your Burning Questions Answered

Q: Is this lock digital? Does it require batteries?

A: This lock is identical in almost every way to a traditional combination lock. It doesn't take batteries or use digital technology. The only difference is that instead of having to remember, "13-36-4" or "16-29-10," you can instead remember "heart-butterfly-star" or "cat-dog-umbrella."

Q: What if my child can't remember an image combination any more than a numeric one? Is there any way to help?

A: Tell your child a story to help them remember the combination. A simple one-line tale is all it takes to make the imagine combination stick in their heads. For example, "The butterfly fled to the star because it feared the cat," or, "The monkey loved the dog." Just make sure that you keep your story in order of the images, and your child will never stand there scratching their head over a lock again.

Q: Is this a good lock for seniors, too?

A: Like children, many seniors may have more problems holding on to numeric combinations. If a senior in your life has issues with a deteriorating memory, this lock could be the perfect choice!