Thor Cape Socks

Thor Cape Socks
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Dreams of possessing super human powers have just become a reality. Who says they can’t be in the form of the coolest Thor Cape socks ever? Envision yourself slipping these super soft wonders on your toes and indulging in the toasty feeling. The dynamic black and blue crew socks with a durable red cape attached to the back will set you apart from any mortal. Even the Norse God of strength and son of Odin himself would be jealous.

There is no doubt that these one size fits all Marvel socks will make you dream about being invincible and using it for the greater good. Who else has the capabilities of flying through the wind and clouds at bullet speed? Ok there is Superman. However, he doesn’t have two capes attached to the back of his ankles.

Besides fantasizing about saving the world from an evil nemesis, there are other ways these power socks can be used. Imagine strolling into a random costume party and suddenly being treated like a superhero rock star. How about crushing an opponent in an epic dance battle because your super human footwork simply can’t be beat, or maybe that simple urge to slide across the hardwood floor takes over and you let loose!

Yes these socks are impressive on many levels, yet not indestructible. If you must wear them on a everyday basis just remember the materials are made of 80% cotton, 17% polyester, and 3% spandex. When they need to take a spin in the washer and dryer turn them inside out and protect the power capes from high temperatures.

Finally, if you ever have the urge to spring into action because a flaming asteroid is zipping towards earth and will hit in a matter of seconds, go ahead because the power will always be in the socks.

Ever dreamed about becoming a superhero? Tap into your inner child and let these socks transport you to another world, the world of the superhero. Enjoy feeling the wind in your hair as your feet take flight with these awesome socks. They even come with their own cape!