Clear Bottom Kayak

Clear Bottom Kayak
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Kayaks themselves are just utterly cool. That said, this Dyad Clear Bottom Kayak by Conquest raises cool to a new level. Imagine yourself driving out to the lake or sheltered cove, pulling your boat down to the water's edge and paddling out on the smooth water WATCHING the fish and other critters through the clear panels in the bottom of your boat! Its not like being out on the water isn't enough to make the day perfect, but now you can add to that the enjoy of seeing not only what's above the surface, but now what's beneath.

This boat is an inflatable packing down to about the size of a set of golf clubs so you can easily throw it in the back of you car. Once you get to the water inflating it is a breeze and you can be on the water in just a few minutes. The kayak can hold two people and gear up to about 500 pounds. The heavy PVC that makes up the four separate air bladders is puncture resistant, and if the worse happens a repair kit is included. The kayak also come with a pair of travel paddles and mesh storage bag. Built in handles make it easy to carry and there are several D-rings for lashing gear and tying off to another boat or the dock. Its suitable for most still water use either in fresh or salt water.

People who have used this boat say its amazing and a great value for the money. You got to try this kayak and you will not be disappointed.