Flux Capacitor Watch

Flux Capacitor Watch
$99.99 on Amazon
It's the final missing piece to your time machine. You have your DeLorean. You've put all the pieces together. But that vital piece, the Flux Capacitor, is nowhere to be found. Well, no longer! Now you can carry your Flux Capacitor with you wherever you go, displaying your sense of style and flair for your friends while ensuring that no matter what happens, you won't be stuck in time. Already outfitted your DeLorean? Take into consideration how difficult it might be to find this vital part while you're traveling through time and make sure that you have an extra in a place where no sneaky thief will be able to steal away with it. This Flux Capacitor Watch is the perfect accessory for all your time traveling needs, so no matter where you go, you're sporting a stylish accessory that will carry you back to the future.

The Flux Capacitor Watch is designed to precisely replicate the appearance of the Flux Capacitor from the Back to the Futuremovies, complete with blinking lights and a futuristic appearance that will make you as giddy as a kid at Christmas time. When you wear it, your friends will start wondering where you've been in time recently and what you're going to bring back next. Use your watch as the perfect way to carry your Flux Capacitor when it's not in use--after all, you don't want your friends sneaking off to the future without you, and you certainly don't want to risk your enemies changing the past!--or to ensure that you have a backup of that vital piece. It even tells time, with flashing lights counting off the hour and minutes according to their place value.

No more desperately searching auto parts stores for that missing Flux Capacitor, confusing dozens of mechanics who insist that the part hasn't been made yet. No more desperately hoping that you'll be able to piece together a Flux Capacitor on the contents of the local junk shop. This watch will get your time machine revved up and have you back on your way in no time. It even matches your DeLorean: the watch's stainless steel construction not only provides a high level of protection for your watch, ensuring that it will still be intact no matter what adventures you put it through, but also makes it fit right in with the rest of your decor. It even comes complete with a safety buckle that is specifically designed to prevent the watch from being snatched from your wrist against your will. What more could you ask for?

Disclaimer: the Flux Capacitor Watch will not actually allow you to travel either forward or backward in time. If you know Doc Brown or possess the kind of mechanical expertise that will make it possible for you to take apart the watch and transform its pieces into a working Flux Capacitor or any other part of a time machine, feel free to use it for that purpose and blog about it extensively after tagging us so that we'll be sure to read it.