Soup And Cracker Mugs

Soup And Cracker Mugs
$14.99 on Amazon
The perfect combo all in one
for sipping soupy meals
with just the right amount
of crispy crackers at your heels.

Sip and dip 'til it's all gone
until you get some more;
this super special cup
is just what you've been waiting for!

I hate to admit the fact that I don't really like soup on a post that features a special soup mug, but, honesty is usually the best policy. I will admit that I love crackers. I could eat an entire box of Saltine crackers in one sitting.

This special mug holds both your soup and your crackers. It's neat, unusual, and useful. A superb combination. It makes for a great gift item.

It holds 8.5 ounces of soup. But, you could use it for a nice milk and cookie holder or chips and salsa. I am sure your imagination could think of other nice combinations. They are safe to be put in eithr the microwave or the dishwasher.

User Reviews For You: "I try to use one of these mugs daily. It's surprising how many ways I can find to use them. French toast sticks and syrup. Apple slices and peanut butter. I love my mugs! Great product!"

"The size of these soup mugs are spot on. They fit in my hand just right. They are high quality and nice. No complaints."

"I have a friend that is very hard to shop for. It was her birthday and I was struggling. I stumbled upon these soup and cracker mugs. BING-O! These did the trick. She loved them. She uses them. I highly recommend them for that person who has most things."

"I purchased a few sets of these mugs for a big party I was holding. They were quite the talk of the party. People enjoyed how unique they were and how they actually were useful. Great choice for a party."

"I was given a set of these mugs for my birthday. I love them! I now look for an excuse to have soup. What's nice is that they fit one can of soup exactly right. Adorable and functional!"