Ice Cream Making Ball

Ice Cream Making Ball
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Making ice cream has never been more fun then with Yaylabs an ice cream ball ice cream maker. The concept of the ice cream ball is really interesting. Basically all that a person has to do is put all the ingredients for making ice cream into a large plastic round ball. Once the ingredients are in the ice cream ball they are shaken together and the ice cream is ready to be eaten and to be served. It sounds like it is quite simple, and in reality it really is.

Ingredients For The Ice Cream

A person can choose from different ingredients that they want for their ice cream, and depending on what is their favorite flavor is, they can add and mix-and-match. Around the world the most popular flavor for ice cream still is vanilla, so the following will be ingredients needed for making vanilla ice cream.

The first thing to know is that there are two ends to the ice cream ball. On one end is where the ice and rock salt have to placed and on the other end is the actual cream and mix for the ice cream. The first thing that has to be added to the ice end is the rocksalt and the ice. On the other end a person only needs to add heavy cream, vanilla, and sugar.

Shake It Up

Once all the ingredients are added to the appropriate side then the fun can begin. The ice cream ball has to be shaken for around 10 to 15 minutes.

A person can choose anyway that they want to shake the ball or play with it, because it is made of a very durable plastic, and it can literally be thrown across the floor or tossed from person to person. It is very fun to get the whole family involved in shaking and tossing the ball in order to mix up the ice cream. After 10 to 15 minutes have elapsed now it is time to drain some of the water out of the ice end for the ice cream. Once the water is drained a person can open up the other end and they will find their smooth creamy ice cream. If a person does not like the texture of the ice cream they can either choose to put it in the refrigerant to make it harder, or they can add more ice and shake a little bit more.

The Yaylabs play and freeze ice cream ball is a yummy and interactive way for the whole family to get involved in the process of making ice cream.