Glow In The Dark Millennium Falcon Shirt

Glow In The Dark Millenium Falcon Shirt
$15.60 on Amazon
This is made of 100% cotton and is a good quality shirt. It has a nice detailed picture of the Millennium Falcon that glows in the dark. There are several colors of this shirt available. There is a gray shirt with a blue Falcon on it. There is a black shirt that has either a blue Falcon on it or a white Falcon on it. Not all sizes are available in all colors.

It comes in various sizes, from small to xxxxx-Large. It is also available in 2x Tall. It tends to run a little small so you might want to order a size larger than what you usually wear. It holds up well to repeated washing and the glow in the dark print is stable and will not crack or wash off. It also can make it through the dryer. That is good to know as you will probably wear it a lot and it will get washed often.

It you have glow bowling available you could wear it in the dark while bowling. It glows some already in normal conditions and it really shows under a black light. It will glow in the darkness of a movie theater. This is good to know with the upcoming Star Wars VII movie. There is plenty of time to order one now so you can have one before December when the movie comes out.

This pullover shirt would make a good gift and would be appreciated especially by a Star Wars fan. After hearing the details of the awesome shirt you probably want one for yourself. This could easily become your favorite shirt, so order a second one as a back up for when this one eventually wears out, or to wear while you take time to wash the other one.