Human Organ Transplant Lunch Box

Human Organ Transplant Lunch Box
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This is the lunchbox to top all lunch boxes. While your co-workers or fellow students are brown bagging it, you can ramp up the excitement at the lunch table as you slowly unzip your lunch bag. All eyes will be on you waiting to see if you’re going to pull out a heart, kidney, or some other red meat organ.

For a little fun, you could top off your work clothes with a simple white jacket and really jump-start the imaginations of those around you. Add more excitement to the look by mussing your hair as though you’ve just arrived on a medi-vac chopper. If you’re caught in a crowd, that shouldn’t be a problem. You can simply display the lunch box prominently, and insist that you have a patient waiting for a transplant. However, bear in mind that there are no get out of jail free cards to accompany this item.

The lunch box is water-proof and insulated. It includes a mesh bag at the back to contain a small thermos or juice packet. It measures 9-inches wide, by 6.5-inches high, and 5-inches deep, just the right size for a heart or a set of kidneys, but a sandwich and chips will fit easily. It will keep drinks cool and lunches warm although not at the same time.

The EMT tag is a portion of the packaging attached to the handle, and could be used to write your name with a paint pen. The multiple uses for this bag could be endless, as an insulated bag can double as a tote for ice, paints, and things that tend to drip and ruin other bags. Of course the most logical use is for your lunch items that will require a cool temperature to remain fresh. The best part, it’s fun.