Remote Control Trash Can

Remote Control Trash Can
$34.12 on Amazon
If you've ever been sitting at your desk, a crumpled paper or candy wrapper in hand, and known that the trash can was just out of range of your best free throw, this is the perfect product for you. Instead of throwing your trash in the general direction of the can and hoping for the best--or that you'll get around to picking it up later, before your mother gets her hands on it--you can simply use your handy remote control to bring the trash can to you.

The Remote Control Trash Can will roll smoothly across your floor, which is of course hopefully clear of debris, and come right to your hands, making it easy to throw away your trash without having to worry about missing the can. No more pile of trash directly around your trash can! No more getting up in the middle of an important project to drag yourself across the room and throw your garbage away the hard way! No matter where you are in the room, you can bring your trash can to you.

Save Date Night

Have you ever been in the middle of a romantic moment with the boy or girl of your dreams, only to stop mid-moment to throw away a vital item of trash? Whether it's a food item that simply can't go in the floor or a tissue that really needs to be thrown away appropriately, there's no need for you to move from your cozy spot. Simply summon your trash can to you and keep snuggling away. It's the perfect way to keep the two of you close while still taking care of necessary items.

Have the Most Epic Trash Throwing Competition Ever

Have you ever been sitting around with your buddies, bored, out of things to do, and ready to do anything to salvage the day? How about a trash can throwing competition? You can shake the "bored" out in a hurry with a great game that will entertain and energize. No need to keep moving from your spot on the furniture to move the can a little bit further out. You can simply shift the remote control to direct your trash can steadily further away. Better yet, add an interesting element to the game and move the trash can while your friends are trying to shoot. Tired of that? Practice your video game skills and try to use the trash can to catch the flying trash before it crashes to the floor.

Bring the Can With You While You Clean

Sometimes, a good room cleaning requires plenty of trash removal. Whether you're a bit of a slob yourself or are cleaning up after your roommates or children, bringing the trash can along with you makes it easy to dispose of all the garbage gathered throughout the room. Simply tuck the remote in your pocket until you're ready to call the trash can to your side. What could be easier?

No matter what your trash disposal needs, the Remote Control Trash Can will make it easier than ever to clean up every mess in your room. It's good for hours of entertainment, alleviating boredom and even giving you what feels like a legitimate reason for procrastination (after all, you're cleaning up, right?). Not only that, it will help make cleaning fun--and everyone could use a dose of that in their lives.