Pistol Pizza Cutter

Pistol Pizza Cutter
$28.00 on Amazon
Everyone likes giving a themed or hilarious gift, but the recipient is usually at least somewhat let down due to the thematic humor’s lack of actual, usable, gift appeal. The Quick Draw Cutter from BigSky Carvers is a pistol shaped pizza cutter that makes the perfect themed gift for hunting or gun fans, without becoming a true gag-gift since it is a functional pizza cutter.

The pistol shaped handle and wheel holder is finished with polished chrome and steel rivets to match the sharp stainless steel blade. It is durable, heavy duty, and does perform as well as other steel pizza wheels not shaped like a revolving pistol. The trigger and handle make the wheel comfortable to hold for anyone with practice cradling a firearm in their hand, making this an even more functional kitchen tool in the hands of the right pizza wheel gunslinger.

The price point of this gun themed gift, averaging around $40, makes it appropriate for nicer occasions, such as milestone birthday events or retirement shindigs. The ability to get a kitchen utensil in the shape of the guest of honor’s favorite weapon that is still nice enough to show you actually care is rare. Unlike cheaper thematic or humorous gift options, the recipient of this thoughtful tool is more likely to keep it around and remember the celebratory occasion on which they were given their trusty stainless steel revolver wheel.

Whether you are shopping for the sixtieth birthday of John Wayne’s number one fan, or the retiring boss with a reputation for pulling the trigger on important deals, the pistol shaped Quick Draw pizza cutter is a fantastic combination of thoughtful, functional, themed, and somewhat humorous. Durable enough to stand up to actual pizza cutting duties, and unique enough to make a memorable impression on the recipient, the only downside to this gun-lover themed kitchen tool is that it is somewhat expensive for a pizza wheel.

This stainless steel pistol pizza cutter is an awesome way to bring a fun twist to your pizza night. It will make slicing the pizza even more exciting, and may even make someone think twice about taking that piece of pizza you've been eyeing. Makes a great addition to any kitchen.