Green Lantern T-Shirt

Green Lantern T-Shirt
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The light of the Green Lantern
stopping evil in its tracks.
The might of will alone
will give the power to fight back.

And with this shirt,
you can show your admiration for the one
who's there to make sure
Evil's dark doings are all undone.

This officialy licensed green lantern t-shirt has been seen being worn on the hit TV show, Big Bang Theory. The t-shirt comes in small, medium, large, x-large, and xx-large. The shirt is green and is meant to be worn on an adult.

A User Review For You: "My hubby is a really big Green Lantern fan and has been wanting a t-shirt to show his pride for quite some time. I decided to get him one as part of the gifts I got him for our anniversary. The shirt made him VERY VERY happy. I found the shirt to be of high quality and exactly as pictured. I can't recommend this shirt more. Awesome quality and awesome shirt."