Glow In The Dark Bike

Glow In The Dark Bike
$398.00 on Amazon
When it comes to getting around in a unique fashion, the Pure Fix Cycles glow in the dark bike is the perfect option. For people concerned about riding at night, this wonderful bike will help you stand out in the dark. The solar-activated paint will glow for many hours after the sun has gone down and is perfect for those who like to ride in urban environments.

Made from solid construction, this bike features a high-tensile steel frame that will never let you down. This fixed gear model will provide you with ease of operation and you won’t have to worry about changing gears as you enjoy the ride. Many people have a hard time riding 10 speeds, but with this bicycle you won’t ever have to worry about grinding the gears. Kendra tires also come standard with this product and are very trusted in the world of cycling.

Comfort was also designed into this bike and it comes standard with a Pure Fix urban saddle and Pure Fix platform pedals. This will ensure that your body is not tired after a long day of riding. In fact many people who own this bike simply love the smooth ride that it provides.

About the only difficult thing that is involved with this product, is putting it together when it arrives in the mail. Some people have complained about the lack of details in the instructions. But once it’s all together it is a real pleasure to ride.

While this isn't a trail bike, it does well in urban environments and is the perfect bike for commuting to work. Many people purchase this bike for the sole purpose of getting around town in a cheap and healthy way.

So if you are looking for the perfect all around bike, that won’t break the bank, the Pure Fix Cycles glow in the dark bike is for you.