Mustache Protector Mug

Mustache Protector Mug
$38.99 on Amazon
If you have a big and bushy mustache and are always getting various drinks in your picture perfect upper lip masterpiece, you do not have to worry anymore, as you can simply get the mustache protector mug. This is not your every day, normal coffee mug, as it is perfectly fitting for those that have a giant mustache that they do not feel like screwing up. Maybe you are just starting to grow out your mustache and want to keep it looking in tip top shape, but whatever the case may be, you may want to check out this protector mug.

Although this product may look like your typical coffee mug from the side, the top tells a different story. There is a section of the mug that extends from where you would put your lips on the side of the mug and the ceramic goes about an inch off the side, leaving a hole in the middle for you to sip your coffee through. When used the proper way, the coffee, or whatever beverage you may be drinking at the time, is funneled through the hole, just like you would be sipping on a portable coffee cup that you would get at any of the major coffee chains. The end result of drinking out of a coffee mug like this is full protection for your mustache, avoiding getting any drinks on your face and in your mustache.

There is no question that this has been a game changer for a ton of people, as mustaches have gotten incredibly popular over the last few years, as it fully appears that they are back in the mainstream and are here to stay. The reviews for this mustache mug have been stellar. Just ask one of the many people that have bought this product through one of the online retailers and have left a great comment, stating that they have very much enjoyed their mustache protector.

You can take this mug along with you wherever you go, and people will likely give you compliments on your nifty mug. There is also an old school drawing on the side of the mug, which shows a man with a giant mustache extending out to the sides, showing off his marvelous locks. Everyone knows that a great mustache is one of the best ways that any man can fully accessorize his face, but it can be a huge hassle getting all sorts of beverages caught in one’s mustache. Just because it gets in the way, does not mean that it should have to go, so if you are looking into a way to protect your mustache from all the drinks that are trying to get locked in it, you should definitely get your hands on your very own mustache mug. These also make a great gift for just about anyone that has a mustache and even if they do not plan to use it much in the future, it is guaranteed to always get a great amount of laughs.