Mesh Pockets Shower Curtain

Mesh Pockets Shower Curtain
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These versatile accessories add style to any bathroom and are ideal for small spaces where storage is limited. The plastic resists mildew and can easily be wiped cleaned with a cloth if mildew does occur. It is suggested that while not in use the curtain should be left open to dry, but this is probably a good idea for any shower curtain. Not only will the clean up on the curtain be easy, but not having items lying on the sides of the tub or shelves will make wiping down the shower or bathtub area more convenient and will allow for bathroom cleaning more than once every spring.

The pockets are randomly placed all over the curtain, totaling nine pockets (in different sizes; four small, three medium, two large). The pockets are made of a mesh fabric and the curtain is a clear vinyl plastic (100% PEVA). Since the curtain is clear, a separate, opaque curtain will likely be desired for privacy-- unless you are into the clear shower curtain thing.

The pockets WILL tear if too heavy or too many items are put into one pocket. This is where having five bottles of half empty shampoos in your showers comes in handy, you will spend less money on buying new storage curtains as your shampoo will weigh less than the next guy's. The mesh pockets unfortunately cannot be removed to be thrown in the washer, but a little bleach can fix anything.

The product itself measures 70 x 0.1 x 72 inches and weighs 1.2 pounds. It is hung with hooks or rings like most shower curtains, so stylish rings can be purchased separately to offset the boring, clear design. The product is manufactured in China, but ships to anywhere in the United States.

The curtains can be use with the pockets facing inside the shower/bathtub or outside. The shower curtains are perfect for getting your children's toys off the sides of the bathtub and can also be used for storing other shower necessities like shampoo, conditioner and body washes.

If you were to face the pockets towards the outside they could be used for storing anything, from dirty underwear to mouthwash (as long as it weighs less than two pounds or you do not mind rips in the pockets). If used inside the shower it is great for holding razors, shaving cream, face wash, loofahs, or washcloths. If used outside it can hold hair brushes, hair products, makeup, hand mirrors, clean washcloths, and many other bathroom items.

This product has endless storage possibilities and is much more efficient than a typical curtain. If hiding clutter is the goal, a decorative curtain could be put on the outside, the Mesh Pocket Shower Curtain on the inside, and with a pull of the curtain, shutting it will hide all clutter. If clutter is a problem in other areas of the house you can put dirty laundry and pots and pans into the tub and shut the curtain to also hide clutter from guests.