Remote Control Millennium Falcon

Remote Control Millennium Falcon
$159.99 on Amazon
If you've ever wished that you could get behind the controls of the Millennium Falcon and blast into hyperspace, your wish is about to be granted. The Remote Control Millennium Falcon puts you in the driver's seat, giving you the opportunity to control this iconic ship from the Star Wars franchise. You can soar, fight imaginary Star Destroyers, and protect the X-wing of your choice from the dreaded TIE fighters that are out to capture or kill your favorite pilot.

The Remote Control Millennium Falcon runs on 6 AA batteries and is constructed of high-density foam to make it capable of taking any of the hits that might come its way. Lasers are no problem for this beast of a ship, which is designed to take plenty of hits and keep on coming. It can get up to 200 feet away from you while still under your control, so you've got the freedom to perform plenty of death-defying stunts. Have a bad feeling about your current situation? Send the Falcon zooming away from the action to keep it safe, then bring it back to you with ease.

If you're ready to join the Rebellion, now is the time. Interest in the iconic franchise is heating back up, and fans of all ages are showing their Star Wars support anew. Hop on board with Han and Chewie, fight with Leia, Luke, and Lando, and imagine yourself a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away with this amazing ship. Worried because you've never had the opportunity to pilot a ship this size before? Don't worry! The remote controls are intuitive, so you'll be gleefully dodging asteroids and outrunning Imperial ships in no time. A trained and experienced Jedi could easily operate the ship without the remote, but for smugglers and Wookies, the remote is the way to go. Before you know it, you'll be taking the title of General and commanding whole wings of fighters.

This is the ship that made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs, and it's going to be in your hands. The future of the Rebellion depends on you, and you have the perfect ship to make it happen! The iconic Millennium Falcon is always there to sweep to the rescue at the last moment, changing the entire course of the future with a single shot when it's most needed, and it's yours to command. This is a dream come true for any Star Wars fan. It will allow you to insert yourself straight into the story, imagining any scene that you like as you direct the Falcon through the air.

Note: The Remote Control Millennium Falcon will not actually transport you to another galaxy, nor will it give you access to information about the mystical Force that is not available to anyone else in the universe. It will, however, give you an incredible feeling of power, allowing you to take on the Imperial armies in your own life with that much more confidence.