Bear Paw Oven Mitts

Bear Paw Oven Mitts
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Everyone knows that mamma bear is the queen of the kitchen, but anyone can take advantage of these bear claw oven mitts if they want to be a king in the kitchen. There is no doubt that these mitts will make you fearsome to those around you and if you want to defend your precious wings or those perfect quesadillas that you've prepared, do not be afraid to fully defend your territory. These oven mitts are sure to protect your bare palms, or bear palms, whichever way you see fit, but you will undoubtedly be protecting your paws while making some great treats with these great kitchen mitts.

Although these mitts may look like regular oven gloves, they have extra padding and feature nails to show off your bare, bear claws. The hand print pads that are featured on the inside of the gloves grip very well and will make sure that you can retrieve your pan without burning your hands. Most normal hand gloves that you put in the oven will inflict a slight burn to your hands when you are pulling them out of the oven, but you don't have to worry about that when you are taking out a pan with your very own bear claw oven mitts.

Although these bear claw mitts may appear like a novelty, they are fully functional and the undersides are made out of silicone. You can use these gloves just as you would use a normal oven mitt without burning your hand and they are also fully capable of being put through a washing machine. The ironic thing about these types of oven mitts is the fact that the majority of people buy them as a novelty and do not expect them to work as a functional pair of oven gloves. Everyone that buys this pair of oven mitts and uses them while cooking soon finds out that this is a huge misrepresentation. These gloves not only are a cool addition to any kitchen, but function as well, if not better than anyone gloves that you may have sitting around your kitchen drawers.

If you have a significant other or a child that you want to get introduced to cooking, this may be just the thing to spark their interest. Adding some flavor to the kitchen is never a bad idea and the bear claw kitchen mitts can add some fun to any cooking that you may engage in. Let people know that you are making the best meal in town and make sure that the members of your family know that you are the master of the meal. Nothing says dominant like possessing a pair of bear claws in the form of oven mitts and when you are mastering the oven there is no further question as to who is running the show. Take control of the barbecue with an iron fist and run the show with your very own oven mitts that accurately depict that you are the king.