Glowing Periodic Table Soap

Glowing Periodic Table Soap
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We all know washing your hands is important. It keeps the germs, flu, and other microscopic bugs at bay. If we are honest, it gets boring washing your hands. When you're at work you either have the industrial soap or donated soap from office workers in the restroom.

What if you could sanitize your hands and experience the hand washing of a lifetime every time you washed your hands? Glow In The Dark Periodic Table Soap is the answer. If you want to bring excitement to your hand washing experience, try this glowing soap. It's fun yet dependable, and safe for everyone's use in the family.

Glow In The Dark Periodic Table Soap is made with gentle, quality ingredients. It is vegan and environmentally friendly. This handmade soap lathers because of the quality products, not because there is added an abundance of chemicals, but because of the use of natural products with natural lathering abilities. This soap represents the periodic table well with an array of glowing soaps associated with the names on the periodic chart. Even the packaging is recycled, (please note the shrink wrap protects the soap). The soap company insist on using materials from nearby vendors. It is their goal to support local business who try to watch what we take and return to our earth.

This soap comes in a special package filled with colorful atoms which gather energy as soon as they touch you or your child's hands. Those particles go into action immediately cleaning hands and other parts of the body. Amazingly, consumers' reviews say the soap is soft.

There is an exceptional set of glow in the dark soaps labeled Uranium, or Plutonium. It comes with a Fallout Shelter sign in radiant white. This special sign only comes in the three pack special. The gift pack is $20.00. You can buy the Plutonium or Uranium in individual purchases at $6.99 a piece. There are other chemical names you can choose from and there is a variety of periodic table soaps such as gold and krypton. Try the combo bars which boldly spell SUDS or FOAM on the front of the bar. The sizes of the bars depend on the shape. Most are 2.25 inches wide and 3 inches in length and 1 inch deep.

Use this soap for any occasion. It is always a hit for children or for chemical or scientific inclined friends. This makes a bang of a gift for a child's birthday party or Halloween party. Parents will thank you for this wonderful Christmas or birthday gift. It inspires children to question and recognize words on the chart. This glowing soap introduces children to science and its terms while encouraging sanitary habits.

After sharing this wholesome delight with you, the company participates in several environmental causes by donating money from the sales proceeds to environmentally conscious organizations. The soap company is proud of their products and the contributions they offer to people. They try to offer fun for all of us who perform such a daily, ordinary, yet simple task of hand washing.