Little Dipper Earrings

Little Dipper Earrings
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Man (and Woman) has always been fascinated by the stars. Staring out with the wide-eyed wonder of a child, we turn our eyes skyward. Dreaming of what else may be out there and appreciating the unsurpassed beauty.

Many of us were originally exposed to the wonders of astronomy during childhood. Home to the North Star, and also known as Ursa Minor the Little Bear, the Little Dipper is a staple of that education. Now you can show your love for all things fantastically celestial with your very own Little Dipper Earrings.

Available in both gold and silver tones, you can choose the set to fit your personal style. You can also buy them both for greater flexibility and mix and match potential. This set of earrings features a ear crawler for one side and a single shining star for the other. Now you can sparkle with the brilliance of a clear night sky. The crawler features a five pointed star for each star present in the famed constellation. With delicate bars connecting each star to the next, the shape is unmistakable to anyone who enjoyed stargazing as a child.

Made of a plated base metal, this set is an inexpensive way to accessorize in a unique way. The crawler design is well suited for those who want a dramatic, multi-point earring without needing additional piercings, making it appropriate for anyone from the age preteen and up. The bar back supports the constellation side while the single star stud provides asymmetrical interest.

Wear it with your hair pulled back to make a bold statement, displaying the constellation proudly for all to see. Wear it with your hair down for a subtle hint of glamour as you move about your day, or as a subtle way to pay homage to your love of the stars. The graceful design makes it suitable for a business casual workplace, yet is striking enough to accent a vibrant cocktail dress.

First recorded in the second century and still recognized today, this symbol has stood the test of time. Each earring set is presented with care in a lovely gift box. This means it arrives ready to gift to the astrophile, or astrological aficionado, in your life. It also makes an extraordinary gift for the woman or girl who deserves a little more twinkle in her day for the light she brings to yours. Or give yourself a well-deserved treat and keep this striking set of earrings for yourself.

Due to the materials involved, additional care should be taken to extend the life of your Little Dipper earrings. In order to avoid tarnishing, it is recommended to avoid unnecessary exposure to water, lotion or perfume. Additionally, those with smaller ears may find the constellation side more challenging to wear, as the weight of the top may cause it to rotate downward. That being said, many find the earring set quite attractive and, since it is available at a reasonable price, may it is worth a little trouble.