Panda Bread Cutter

Panda Bread Cutter
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Anyone that fixes a meal on a regular basis, is looking for new and imaginative ways to make a simple meal look special. This can be the opportunity to get a child to eat something that they may not have tried in the past, or just something that is fun and a bit quirky to make mealtime more of an adventure. There aren't too many things that discourage a mom than having a child look at lunch and say “NO Way. I'm not eating that stuff.” It may just take making “that stuff” look different to peak your child's interest.

This kit includes one bread cutter and three stamps. You will have the opportunity to take that run of the mill peanut butter and jelly or tuna sandwich and turn it into a work of art and interest to the picky eater at your table. By simply pressing the bread cutter into a slice of bread, you will have a panda that can be decorated with healthy food or served plain. This can be done in seconds. The bread then can either be toasted or served as it is.

The largest bread cutter will allow you to sit your panda up and decorate it with a cheese bow tie, some fresh fruit or even a tiny chocolate chip for the eyes and nose. It will allow you to use your imagination to create a sandwich that will draw attention to the best cook in the entire world. YOU! You will also have the option of cutting out individual panda heads to serve as smaller sandwiches. If you or your child gets bored with pandas, change over to our little frog friend and make it into an entertaining sandwich.

The sturdy cutters are constructed of stamp polypropylene and ABS resin. The resin makes the cutters more immune to the heat that may be the result of washing in your dishwasher or hand washed in your sink. There are a multitude of opportunities for the use of this outrageously adorable bread cutter and three stamps. They are heat resistant to insure sanitary use time after time and adds a bit of interest to an otherwise boring sandwich.

Reviews have been positive for the Panda Bread Cutter. Customers have offered advice on the ease of use and ideas that can be incorporated into the production of customized sandwiches. Every child is special and every sandwich should be equally special. Problem eaters or just because you don't want your little one to become bored with run-of-the-mill food will be easily accomplished with your use of the cutter and the cute stamps. Imagine a slice of toast with an imprint of a panda on it. How would you have reacted when you were a child? Probably shocked with a smile from ear to ear. Your child can experience the same reaction and realize just how special you are.

Look carefully at the pictures on the web site and imagine how you can reproduce or perhaps improve your masterpiece. Your meal will be a masterpiece that your child will not only enjoy, but pass down to the next generation.