Food Tent

Food Tent
$7.99 on Amazon
Those pesky flies and wasps
and bees and other flying pests
will have their food seeking skills
put to the test!

Nothing can get through
one of these food covering screens.
Never again will pests
buzzing around your snacks be seen!

I love food, when it tastes good. I don't love food when it tastes bad. I also don't love food when there are bugs, flies, bees, in it. Also, I don't love food when there is a hair in my food. That is why, I love this product!

It really makes sense. Put a tent around your food when you are outside. Great idea! It protects your delicious apple pie and sandwich picnics. Yum, apple pie. Writing this is getting me hungry.

Reading the product description, it says that three sizes of food tents are included. That seems generous. There is a large, medium, and small tent provided. Sweet! They are designed like an umbrella where you just need to snap them up and then push button them to close.

A User Review For You: "What can I say? These are fantastic! They are perfect if you are having a party outside. The guests at the party we held, loved them. A few told me how smart it was to have tents around the food. I really recommend them. Great quality. Simple. They even are easy to clean off. Awesome!"