LED Word Clock

LED Word Clock
$49.95 on Amazon
The LED Word Clock is a great find for nearly everyone, and suitable for home or office use. The clock is easy to read and offers the option of sitting tabletop or being mounted to the wall. The clock displays the time with a bright LED light, using words to create phrases, rather than numbers. For example if the time is 11:45, the clock would read, β€œIt is quarter to twelve.”

If you are searching for a unique gift, this is one that would be difficult to pass up. Young and old, the real challenge would be finding someone who didn't enjoy this clock. Children will love practicing both their reading and time telling skills with this clock. In fact, do you have an elementary teacher in your life? This clock could be a great addition to the classroom for students learning to tell time.

Of course the clock doesn't have to be a gift, buy one just for you. It’s sure to be a conversation piece when you have guests to your home, or an icebreaker before an important business meeting in the office. While the clock is cool to look at and fun to read, there are a few details that could take time getting used to.

Wouldn't it be great to challenge your brain in the morning having to read what time it is? Unfortunately, there is no alarm function on the clock. It tells time in five-minute increments, therefore setting the clock with the two-button option could be challenging at first. Finally, the clock doesn't have a battery operating option, thus plugging into the wall only.

It may take some time getting use to telling time with this piece than a regular clock. However, the uniqueness of the piece lends a little sophistication to your home or office. It sends guests and associates the bold statement that you really take your time seriously.