Electronic Drum Shirt

Electronic Drum Shirt
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If all you need is to impress
with none of that real-drum-kit stress
just tap a beat right on your chest
and let this shirt do all the rest.

Tapping out a beat just right,
you could become the next Meg White
if you can master this drum kit
and rock the world with every hit!

This electronic drum shirt features seven various drum sounds. Every drum on the shirt is playable. This shirt has a speaker that can play VERY VERY loud. The speaker's volume is adjustable. The electronic drum shirt is made from 100 percent cotton and is black. The drum shirt needs four triple A batteries, which are not included.

A User Review For You: "When I bought this shirt, I didn't realize how awesome hugs would be. The drum sounds make hugging a lot more fun. As a functioning drum, I am actually pretty impressed. The speaker can really be cranked up. The variation of drum sounds is nice. Really cool shirt."