Abe Lincoln Penny Poster

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Collectibles have always been a time honored tradition for many generations. They vary from paintings and sculptures to figurines and cards. One of the more popular forms of memorabilia would be coin collecting. The concept of coin collecting or any kind of collecting brings to mind very old and expensive items people just sell and trade.

However, this is far from the truth. A large amount of people aggregate certain pieces because they hold certain sentimental value to their owners. One doesnโ€™t just have to miraculously come across a rare find or have it handed down from 5 generations. One is able to make their own heirloom or piece of treasure for their children or whoever to pass on. Collections bring new ways of bonding influencing new memories.

This Abe Lincoln Penny Poster fulfills all the aspects of this venture. The poster is an 18โ€x24โ€ image of Abraham Lincoln fashioned from real pennies. The kit demonstrates an enjoyable form of frolic for men and women of all ages. Easy-to-follow instructions, tips and tricks, to putting this piece of art work together are included along with how to arrange your pennies. This version of color-by-numbers but with pennies is befitting for framing. All one needs is a little glue, a bit of time and effort, along with 846 of your own pennies to bring it to life opening a doorway of enjoyment for years to come.

This marvelous artwork also allows the creator a chance to gain interesting knowledge of our former president, coin collecting, and an ample amount more. A 12-page informative booklet educates one on the tale of the Lincoln penny and an important guide to penny collecting. An authentic 1943 Steel Penny will accompany the Abe Lincoln Penny Poster kit while supplies last. This is a unique part of history that is sure to captivate young and old alike.