Pokemon Monopoly

Pokemon Monopoly
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When you've got to catch them all, but you don't want to spend hours staring at a screen, there's hope! This Pokemon Monopoly set will allow you to experience all the fun of your favorite video game as a tabletop game with all the pieces you've ever hoped for. There are plenty of fun swaps for your favorite Monopoly features, including:

  • Metal tokens that display your favorite characters: choose from Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Eevee, and Jigglypuff
  • Game board that has all eight gyms
  • Poke Marts and Pokemon Centers instead of houses and hotels so you can show off your fandom in every aspect of the game
Battle It Out Monopoly Style

Buy, sell, and trade your favorite Pokemon with other players to build the team of your dreams as you travel around a Monopoly board that has been designed to reflect every aspect of Pokemon. Instead of buying properties, you're acquiring Pokemon--and you're building an incredible battle team that will allow you to defeat every other player on the board. There are no blinking lights, no fun sound effects (unless you want to make your own--we won't judge!), and no health gauge that slowly decreases as you fight to show who's Pokemon is best. There's just your family gathered around a game board, battling it out until you discover who is the Pokemon Monopoly champion.

Increase the Intensity Level With Every Game

Monopoly has destroyed more relationships and frustrated more families than any other game. When you add Pokemon to the equation, the tension ramps up even higher! Now, you're not just vying to get to the best properties first. You're putting together an all-star Pokemon team. The stakes are high, and the game has never been more intense. You've never played Monopoly like this before!

Make Your Favorite Game a Family Bonding Experience

When you play board games with your family, you're able to bond as never before. Unfortunately, too many kids have never had the opportunity to play board games. They may think that they're "boring," "uncool," or just plain confusing. When you put a Pokemon Monopoly game down on the table, however, your young video game fans will be delighted to engage in play with the entire family. Monopoly can quickly turn into a long, drawn-out game, making it the perfect way to sit around the table and really talk with your family members--or get into plenty of arguments about how you're attacking one another as the game progresses. Either way, you're making memories.

When you take a video game off of the screen and turn it into a board game, you'll quickly discover new aspects of the game and new ways to connect with the ones you love the most. Once you've played Pokemon Monopoly, your entire family will look forward to the opportunity to come back to the game and reconnect oer and over again. When you're battling Pikachu, challenging Jigglypuff, and collecting your favorite Pokemon as you go around the game board, what's not to love?