Bamboo Tangle Free Earbuds

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Ever met a set of ear buds that were Mother Nature’s friend? Jamboo Headphones makes ear buds that are. The headphone jack, middle connector, microphone and earpieces are made of bamboo, one of the quickest-to-grow and sustainable types of wood on Earth.

The bamboo isn’t the only material about the ear buds that makes them crunchy granola. Jamboo weaves the headphone chords from cotton which is dyed to match natural color themes: blues and white for the ocean and sky, greens and browns for a forest feel or yellows for sunny day lillies. The chords are soft, thick, light and tangle resistant and are more durable than chords made from plastic or rubber. So no more spending 15 minutes trying to untangle the loop-to-loops before starting a work or homework assignment.

Aside from a unique appearance, these headphones provide high quality sound and feature a bamboo microphone with a start and stop button for hands free cellphone use. Each pair also includes a metal headphone leash for storage or to wrap or hide the extra length of chord. These headphones were made for walking and talking. When the headphones are not in use, clip them with the leash to a backpack, rear view mirror, purse, belt buckle loop or anywhere to avoid a game of seek-and-find the next time they’re needed.

The manufacturer warns consumers not to use the headphone leash for climbing. It is made to dangle headphones, not people, so please don’t try to hang anything over a pound with it when not using it to store the headphones. As with most electronics, don’t get the headphones wet either. The manufacturer also offers a 1 year warranty for those “just in case” instances.

Purchase these, and most will be the first of their friends to own a pair of wooden ear buds since the material and the cotton weave make them unique. Consumers can feel good about getting a durable and eco-friendly product too.