Death Star Technical Manual

Death Star Technical Manual
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The Death Star Technical Manual is the perfect engineering handbook for those would-be problem solvers and troubleshooters of the Empire. This hardcover book is laden with diagram after diagram, breaking down every panel and defensive gap.

-Worried about suffering another core breach? A proper Imperial engineer should have no trouble in figuring out how to reinforce the vents.

-Worry over the time table of your Orbital Battle Station's construction? Use the guides to get a full parts break down and figure out what to prioritize. Just don't forget to comply with OSHA for those cannon chamber railings.

-While this guide focuses on the specifications of the first Death Star, footnotes dedicated to the various improvements being implemented with the "Death Star II," should give you some idea of just how modular of a design this ultimate weapon really is.

-While you may worry that members of the Rebel Alliance may acquire these plans, note that the Empire cares about its citizens and carefully examines each and every book and package that suspected rebels acquire or check out. You can peruse this manual in safety, with no need to worry about a potential upheaval in regime.