Medicine Binky

$2.99 on Amazon
The baby has a cough?
A terrible, saddening, ickening cough?

They spit and spew,
and won’t drink the goo?

Quickly, trickily, plop this in!
Sucky, sucky; now they grin!

These medicine binkies come in four different colors (blue, green, pink, and purple). They were created by a pediatrician and is the best selling medicine dispenser in the USA.

A User Review For You: "Our baby has a condition where she has to take liquid medicine 2 times a day. I can't imagine getting the medicine down without the medicine binky. She would take the binky and suck down the medicine thinking it was a bottle. The medicine binky will leak if you don't have the cup lined up properly with the binky so make sure you screw it on properly."